Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The way you enter the world is very particular.

Andy goldsworthy - process. understanding

Don't let your time pass you by

prepositional construct
preposition "a word used with a noun, or pronoun, to show place, or position of time, or means, such as 'on the edge,' 'at center,' 'through' (interlocking), 'under,' etc.
think about a word. pebble. peaceful. quiet. self contained.
observe your plaster form, the dynamic of the plaster extends beyond itself, an important aspect in developing the construct comes from a kind of translation of the features contained in the plaster form, this translation becomes the basis for the structure of this spatial form. consider this 'prepositional construct' as a way of commenting specifically on on its "relocation." consider the position or prepositional circumstance you construct: elevated, conce

hwbring 3D model

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