Tuesday, June 14, 2011

jonquils (urges)

Emil Nolde, last supper. (self portrait)

Nietzsche. man is the bridge between animal and "superman," god.

Ernst Ludwig, Marzella—stylize, distortion = perceptions


Die Brücke (stylization) 1905

"Die Bruchke"

modernism - art is in opposition

Red Studio, 1911

Henri Matisse's wife. "The Green Stripe" color
"Certainly a human face is not yellow"

color had up to this point a descriptive purpose. NOT ANYMORE.
color describes the contours of the hair, the face...

Color is a shortcut to the viewer. you bypass rules of art.

Fauvre-wild beast
the child is uncorrupted, the mentally ill
dr. prinzhorn art therapy


"Woman with Hat" is pretty sophisticated, as represented by color.

Harmony in Red

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