Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That of which my mind and heart is full, has to appear in my paintings.

starry night, the movement is in his mind, a projection of inner turbulence (positive or negative), alive swirling, twirling)

van gogh opposite of impressionist

Georges Seurat (1859-1891): Stone Breakers at Le Raincy

Optical Mixture- Theory of complementary (opposite, complementary to what?) colors how they affect us and our vision, its creates vibration, after-image of an object will appear green virtually). an after image is always there whether we see it or not. Seurat decided to apply spots rather than full strokes (pointalism). brush strokes but very small ones. dots (the bridge at courbevoie) to capture air, which creates optical mixture in the retina as opposed to mixing pigments. sunday after on the island of la grande jatte - no lines, painting last for 2 1/2 years? impressionist worked very fast, this one was pre-mediated and worked out, there is also a gird, a structure.

paul gauguin- tahitian woman and boy
stockbroker. he was wreckless, charismatic. he begin painting on sunday. 1884 decided to become fulltime painter. went back to an adolescent lifestyle. rented a cheap room to paint, wine, etc.
self portrait(les miserables) composition is deliberate, hard lines (bc contour lines are just an abstraction) ie: they are deemed as outcasts for stealing bread, but theyre hungry and people accused them, but they're the real deal.
At the cafe Gauguin

color and composition is deliberate. light isnt that important (for an impressionist). using reality as a bouncing ball. color is indicated by white lines (like a symbol, it is not a optical representation).

Gaugin (1848) - Van Gogh painting sunflowers. He picks colors freely. He is more concerned with color composition that optical correction. He wants to paint a painting.

Gaugin (Vision after the Sermon) - Brittany woman in sunday's best. the ground indicates this is imagined, a vision. Deficiencies of city life, breaking down of faith,
the city has the presence of business, where the village does not. Business moved people away from religion.
Religious faith weakened. gauguin doubt god's existence. gaugin dreams about fighting an angel. wakes up limping.

Yellow Christ. Deliberate yellow and red. he painted in his studio.

spirit of the dead watching (1892)

Where Do We Come from? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

no valid answer.
happiness as a concept.

potato eaters
he was dutch, van gogh was protestant work ethics were the subject of his art
weaving - you could see your progress. Expression

van gogh that of which my mind and heart is full, has to appear in my paintings
His artistic carrer comprises 5 years. He invented a style of painting driven by that which his heart and mind is filled with.

there's movement. vivid expressions

self portrait with grey felt hat 1853
to express his state of mind. compositional idea. concentric circles behind his head gives depth (tis isnt against a flat surface). he doesn't represent what he sees. he projects what he feels in his mind. Impressionists records scientifically what they see.

here, he is a worker. he appreciated work. had a protestant work ethic. he appreciated people.

Vincent's House (The Yellow House)


Van Gogh did not sell his painting because his brother, the art dealer, was sensitive.
he knows something

Vincent's chair, Gaugin's chair

the cafe.
van gogh self portrait gogh spore portrét, por, van, por vor van spor gor pogh

artistic crisis, staste of culture in europe--this was very western, outsiders, islanders, maybe they have the answers. cult of primitivismisagoodthing. they studied the art of asians, africa, because these things were unsullied. used other cultures as mirrors. myth-making of other cultures. primitivismthey did this out fo need.

life has changed
art of rimbaud

Monday, May 30, 2011

Invisible Outbursts on the Streets of Skid Row

be yourself. not scared. be sure, be confident, be sexy, be smiling and be engaging. Take the day for yourself and you have the tendency to take it and make it brilliant, building castles on the shore when you were four, for aren't those yours upon that hill now that you are old. open the door, for we want in.

trademarks the logotype is to the graphic designer what the chair is to the architect; a distillation of grander narratives and themes and an exercise in function and form. Played with punctuation and word meaning

logotype - wordmark that uses letterforms, direct

logomark - mark that has representational value, figurative/pictorial, often times reductive for an institution whose diverse in interest.

Is it an accurate denotation?

John Baldessari - has a sexy voice. the way he makes his point reminds me of Christopher.

Modulated vs. Unmodulated

Museums are something that reflects the world around it, not something you worship.

Language precedes typographical form

6 Memos for the Next Millenium

Saturday, May 28, 2011

identity crisis (eureka!)

idenitiy- combination of the logo, visual system (typeface, colors, imagery), and EDITORIAL TONE work togther to form a unique and cohesive message for a comany, person, object or idea.

we all, each of us, You and I have our own unique, individual demands, tone, marrow, pits, friends, beautiful eccentricities, behaviors. A company is no different. There are no differences.


Be all you can be.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

George Seurat, Stone Breakers at Le Raincy, 1882.
he felt the painter must capture 'thin air.'
how do you capture experience.
studied tapestry, color, optical mixture is the weaver


how light changes everything. august renoir: le moulin de la galette (1876)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Nude in the Sunlight. 1875-1876.

Rouen Cathedral

bouldevard of paris, monet 1873.
what do you see?
paint what you see, not what you know - impressionists

revolt against academic painting (composition)

Impressions: Sunrise, Claude Monet, 1872

eva says the words beautiful and emotional are useless. thas coo.

Monday, May 23, 2011

brad bartlett

Maintain pacing
Anticipate where type lives
The permeableness of language - where does it live? Where can it live? (There really are no limitations)
You have to document your thoughts - like a net that captures what goes through you - silverfishes, a star, a memory about your dad, a happy moment, a sad moment, your joys, your loves and pleasure, rage, sympathy, kind deeds, the refreshment of certain things...
Be Rigorous / Be interesting
Design is an interative process - brad
fairy dust
everything that exists has a reason
you expand what we know about the world
I’m currently a student at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. The school’s pretty tough. The environment makes you question your constitution constantly. There’s alot of work and you tend to equate your character with your work. It’s difficult, I know, to see them apart after all your dear investments.

Here are some good tidings I’ve collected throughout the year:

If you lack confidance in yourself, people will lack confidance in you.

Do not think about the insignificant.

I watch what I do to see what I really believe.

One kind word can warm three winter months.

If you want to be liked, do likable things.

People will take you at your own evaluation / People will catch and mirror your emotional states.

The way in which we experience and interpret the world obviously depends very much indeed on the kind of ideas that fill our minds. If they are mainly small, weak, superficial, and incoherent, life will appear insipid, unintertesting, petty and chaotic.

You’re a genius all the time.

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.

Why so serious?

Love starts in giving—of all expressions and manifestations of that which is alive in us.

Being a master of design means nothing unless it supports a message that leads to action.

Graphic design is a means, not an end. A language, not content.