Monday, May 30, 2011

Invisible Outbursts on the Streets of Skid Row

be yourself. not scared. be sure, be confident, be sexy, be smiling and be engaging. Take the day for yourself and you have the tendency to take it and make it brilliant, building castles on the shore when you were four, for aren't those yours upon that hill now that you are old. open the door, for we want in.

trademarks the logotype is to the graphic designer what the chair is to the architect; a distillation of grander narratives and themes and an exercise in function and form. Played with punctuation and word meaning

logotype - wordmark that uses letterforms, direct

logomark - mark that has representational value, figurative/pictorial, often times reductive for an institution whose diverse in interest.

Is it an accurate denotation?

John Baldessari - has a sexy voice. the way he makes his point reminds me of Christopher.

Modulated vs. Unmodulated

Museums are something that reflects the world around it, not something you worship.

Language precedes typographical form

6 Memos for the Next Millenium

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