Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Class Notes (Wk5)

Week 5 Class Notes

Freudian concept of guilt
humans distinct from animals because of a "conscience" and the ability
to feel guilt, and knowing the difference between right and wrong
without rules set up by society, man can revert back to primal instincts,
rejecting feelings of guilt and losing conscious self - reverting back to an animal
Oedipus complex
Fauve - wild beast
Henri Matisse (1864-1954)
The Green Stripe (Madame Matisse) 1905
dividing of face into two halves with the use of a green stripe of color,
while two halves of face are colored differently
use of bright and complimentary colors
Woman with Hat
Open Window
Harmony in Red 1908-09
Red Studio 1911

"Die Brücke" 1905
early/founding members:
Erich Heckel
Fritz Bleyl
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Karl Schmidt-Rottluf
meaning the bridge, group of German artists formed in Dresden
stylization, distorting and changing subject matter into their own expressions
interest in children, as they represent purity or primitivism, innocent and pure
later members:
Emil Nolde - close to Romanticism evident in
Last Supper 1909
Crucifixion 1910
World War 1 (1914-1918)
right before WWI the time period were like the golden ages

in-class exercise
manifesto on Enerst Ludwig Kircner's (1880-1928)
Self Portrait with Model (1910-26)…
Manifesto - Wanting to portray self as a dominant figure
intention to put viewer's attention to the artist and to the model
wants to be recognized as an artist, hence the model in the painting,
as well as his holding of the brush and palette
erotic, naked under the a robe, representative of sexual expression
artist positions himself in the foreground stating his dominance over the subject
however the colors compliment the subjects in the painting, making the artist
subtly more dominant over the model in white
empower the viewer

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