Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Degenerate Art

Nazi sponsored Degenerate art shows to display the works of madmen, people that would destroy society. Hitler used that artwork as a sort of freakshow display.

Adolf hitler believed that true art would only try and imitate the natural world. More realistic.
Modernism would paint what is underneath

Kirchner was the leader of the first Expressionist art going beyond impressionism using vibrant color.

WWI was the turning point for Hitler and the Expressionists. The shock of trench warfare. Kirchner suffers from a nervous collapse
Nolde joins the Nazi parti, he was an expressionist painter
Hitler began using the term Degenerate to lable the inferior.
As Hitler came to power he began burning books waging a war against the modern imagination

Abstraction was banned and labeled degenerate and all forms of modern music were ridiculed.

Hitler had an admiration for classicism, Greek works trying to use propaganda make the populace believe in a second Renaissance

Nolde began getting backlash for his work and the Nazis wanted to eradicate him.

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