Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Class Notes (Wk 1)

Week 1 Class Notes

What is modernism, when/how did it originate?
Key players in modernism:
the free individual - in that individuals exist as a historical construct
rationalism - separation from the Church, using reason to think,
or reason as a source of knowledge/justification
modernism began as rationalism came into play
- politically, all individuals are equally capable
coming of the Renaissance -
Johannes Gutenberg and printing in 1476
individuals began to read for themselves,
whereas within the church,
said individuals were read to together as a crowd
depicting of few or single individuals in much closer
view than previously done before, contrasting paintings
of larger scenes with larger crowds
French Revolution following Age of Enlightenment/Age of Reason
saw the overthrowing of the French monarchy, becoming
the winning battle for rationalism
romanticism - directly in opposition of rationalism, romanticism saw the praise of certain
individuals, geniuses, artists, talents…
- bizarre, complicated psychology in which these "talents" were constantly suffering, i.e. "so much more, yet suffer so much because of separation from others, but separation from others because of being a proud individual…"
- things such as falling in love and having love accepted as pedestrian
- strong emotion as aesthetic experience

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