Saturday, July 30, 2011

Class Notes (Wk 11)

Germany reunited in 1871, due to merging and centralizing of industry
Bauhaus: bau meaning building, haus being house. meaning house building. OH REARRY?
consistently organized
bauhutte - building hut. lol.
germany became a republic
Walter Groplus 1883-1979
wanted the Bauhaus wanted modernist design, even though the town was conservative
Johannes Itten 1886-1967
left Bauhaus in 1992
Marianne Brandt 1893-1983
Coffee Pot Design
Haus an Horn
Hannes Meyer
Ludwig Mies der Rohe
"Inside the Bauhaus"

Errr... very incomplete notes. But maybe if we combine the powers of all our notes we will get an ultimate collection of notes. Or something. .-.

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