Saturday, July 30, 2011

Class Notes (Wk 10)

Switzerland was a popular retreat during WWI,
because it was a neutral country
German, Italian, French speaking

Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich:
Hugo Ball, Emmi Hennings, Tristan Tzara
Marcel Ianco, Hans (jean) Arp, Sophie
Tauber Arp

(artists below are mostly collage artists)
Raoul Hausmann, 1886-1971
Men Are Angels and They Live In Heaven, 1919
The Art Critic, 1919
the art critic. powerful, makes or breaks careers
as indicated by the large pencil he holds
unnatural, like a zombie, sick
ABCD Self Portrait, 1922/23
Tatlin at Home, 1920
Hannah Hoch, 1889-1978
Cut with a Kitchen Knife
Pretty Girls, 1919
Dada Dolls, (mixed materials) 1920
The Tire Travels around the World, 1920
Kurl Schqitters 1887-1949
Merz Picture, 1920s

what is "Theosophy?"

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